Partner: GEPLAST
Industry: Construction
Usage: Walls



Cembrit fibre-cement products all have qualities that make them ideal for design and construction projects where great combinations of attractive appearance and lightweight, long-lasting resilience are required. The unique Cembrit combination of engineered fibres and cement means these products are relatively unaffected by the day-to-day impacts and stains associated with normal living and working environments. The Charpy Impact test has been used for all relevant Cembrit products.

Aspect details
Glossiness Unknown
Translucence 0%
Texture Variable
Compostable No
Recyclable Yes
Biodegradable No
Lightweight No
Renewable No
Carbon footprint 0%
Recycled content 25%
Toxicity 0%
Technical details
Hardness Hard
Structure Closed
Acoustics Moderate
Format 2D - Sheet
Odor Unknown
Temperature N/A
Antibacterial Yes
Scratch resistence Good
Fire resistence Good
UV resistence Good
Water resistence Good
Abrasion resistence Moderate
Skid resistence N/A