Supplier: IMI Surface Design
Industry: Interior design
Usage: Floors, Walls



Real-metallic surfaces on wooden composite boards for immediate processing. Precious metals, visually indistinguishable from solid metal. The product range encompasses steel, brass and copper to copper with verdigris. It consists mainly of natural and renewable materials without the addition of chlorine, plasticizers, solvents or other substances of concern. Where the original construction materials cannot be used, or only with great effort, imi-surface design offers solutions for distinctive looks and many versions. It can easily be processed with conventional carbide-equipped carpentry tools.

Aspect details
Glossiness Matte
Translucence 0%
Texture Medium
Compostable No
Recyclable No
Biodegradable No
Lightweight No
Renewable No
Carbon footprint -
Recycled content -
Toxicity -
Technical details
Hardness Hard
Structure Closed
Acoustics Moderate
Format 2D - Slab
Odor Unknown
Temperature Medium
Antibacterial No
Scratch resistence Good
Fire resistence Good
UV resistence Moderate
Water resistence Good
Abrasion resistence Good
Skid resistence N/A