Partner: LafargeHolcim
Industry: Construction
Usage: Other

Fly ash


Siliceous fly ash is a fine powder of mostly spherical particles with puzzolanic properties (it reacts in the presence of water with dissolved calcium hydroxide to form strength-developing calcium silicate and calcium aluminate compounds). It is obtained by electrostatic or mechanical deposition of the pulverulent particles contained in the combustion gases from thermal power plants. Used as a raw material for the composite cements preparation , it gives them special properties (low hydration heat, resistance to sulphate attack, development of strength after 28 days).

Aspect details
Glossiness N/A
Translucence 0%
Texture Smooth
Compostable No
Recyclable No
Biodegradable No
Lightweight No
Renewable No
Carbon footprint -
Recycled content -
Toxicity -
Technical details
Hardness N/A
Structure N/A
Acoustics N/A
Format Powder
Odor Unknown
Temperature N/A
Antibacterial No
Scratch resistence N/A
Fire resistence N/A
UV resistence N/A
Water resistence N/A
Abrasion resistence N/A
Skid resistence N/A