Partener: BASF SRL
Industrii: Altele
Utilizări: Altele

Ultramid® TKR4355G5


Glass fiber reinforced partially aromatic PA6 for injection molding. High toughness, stiffness and strength, low water absorption, high melting point (295 degrees C). Ultramid polyamides (Nylon) are molding compounds based on PA 6, PA 66 and co-polyamides such as PA 66/6. Due to their outstanding properties, these materials have become indispensable in almost all fields of engineering for the most varied components and machine parts, as high-quality electrical insulating materials and for many special applications. Ultramid polyamides (Nylon) are exceptional for their high mechanical strength, rigidity, and thermal stability. Moreover, Ultramid polyamides afford good impact resistance even at low temperatures, advantageous sliding friction properties, and problem-free processing.

Luciu N/A
Transparență 50 - 95%
Textură N/A
Compostabil Nu
Reciclabil Nu
Biodegradabil Nu
Lightweight Nu
Regenerabil Nu
Amprenta de carbon -
Conținut recilat -
Toxic -
Detalii tehnice
Duritate N/A
Structură N/A
Acustică N/A
Format Materie primă: bile, lichid, praf
Miros N/A
Temperatură N/A
Antibacterial Nu
Rezistență la zgârieturi N/A
Rezistență la foc N/A
Rezistență la UV N/A
Rezistență la apă N/A
Rezistență la abraziune N/A
Rezistență la derapaj N/A