Producător: Modulor
Industrii: Design, Fashion, Other
Utilizări: Deco, Other

Micro-corrugated sheet, through-stamped, fine


Applications: These micro-corrugated sheets are a very good material for model making, especially in the realm of architecture but also in that of railway models and dioramas as well. In this regard they are best used for representing roofs, cladding and the like. They have also found some use in jewellery design, as a photographic background or in small decorations. Treatment: Their thinness allows them to be easily cut with a blade or shears. Bonding work can be done – depending on the material - by soldering (aluminium excluded!) or, alternatively, by using mixed adhesives (e.g. epoxy or cyanoacrylate based glues), RUDERER plastic glue or UHU HARD GLUE.

Luciu Lucios
Transparență 0 - 50%
Textură Variabilă
Compostable Nu
Reciclabil Nu
Biodegradabil Nu
Lightweight Nu
Regenerabil Nu
Amprenta de carbon 0%
Conținut recilat 0%
Toxic 0
Detalii tehnice
Duritate N/A
Structură N/A
Acustică N/A
Miros Necunoscut
Temperatură N/A
Antibacterial Nu
Rezistență la zgârieturi Necunoscută
Rezistență la foc Necunoscută
Rezistență la UV Necunoscută
Rezistență la apă Necunoscută
Rezistență la abraziune Necunoscută
Rezistență la derapaj Necunoscută