Industrii: Construcții, Design interior
Utilizări: Podele, Pereți, Mobilier, Decorații

Onix Honey Polisat


Onyx is a banded variety of the oxide mineral chalcedony, that has parallel strips in colors ranging from white to almost every color, even purple, blue or black. This onyx is defined by its longitudinal stripes obtained through the vein cut manufacture process. This procedure also enhances the unique nuance of this semiprecious stone. The gold and rich honey-like color, adds beauty and dynamics to any interior design. Being translucent, a special effect is obtained with a backlight design. Indoor applications: bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, fireplaces, restaurants, furniture items, decorative frames etc. Outdoor applications: covering facades, fences, home bases Size: 60x30x2cm

Luciu Lucios
Transparență 50 - 95%
Textură Fină
Compostabil Nu
Reciclabil Nu
Biodegradabil Nu
Lightweight Nu
Regenerabil Nu
Amprenta de carbon -
Conținut recilat -
Toxic -
Detalii tehnice
Duritate Dură
Structură N/A
Acustică N/A
Format Foaie 2D,2D - Slab
Miros N/A
Temperatură Medie
Antibacterial Nu
Rezistență la zgârieturi Moderată
Rezistență la foc Bună
Rezistență la UV Bună
Rezistență la apă Bună
Rezistență la abraziune Slabă
Rezistență la derapaj N/A