Partner: GEPLAST
Industry: Construction, Other
Usage: Walls, Roofs, Other

Nordic Copper™


Nordic Copper™ products are copper sheets ideal for applications like building and construction industry, facades and roofs, that include a rich palette of colours and textures. The natural development of patina is one of copper’s unique characteristics. All products are copper made, not coated or painted. The sheets are very durable without any finishing treatment. The manufacturing process utilizes copper mineral compounds and no chemical treatments.

Nordic Standard is mill-finish copper without any additional surface treatments carried out at the production site. It has the traditional “bright” finish that will oxidize.

Nordic Brown products are pre-oxidized in factory to immediately provide the same oxidized brown surface that will otherwise develop over time in the environment. The thickness of the oxide layer determines the color.

Nordic Green and Nordic Blue offer unparal¬leled design freedom and the ability to determine the type and intensity of green or bluish patina for each project. The factory process can be accu¬rately controlled so that, as well as the solid green or blue patina color, other intensities of patina flecks can be created, revealing some of the dark oxidized background material. The pre-oxidized copper is treated with specifically formulated copper compounds to create the desired patina colors. The most common compound found in natural patinas all over the world is the copper sulfate mineral brochantite. Nordic Green is pro-duced with a hint of iron sulfate yellow component added to the blue copper sulfate, replicating the natural green.

Nordic Royal is an alloy of copper with aluminum and zinc, giving it a rich golden through-color that changeably incorporates a matte, golden-brown surface. It behaves differently from other copper products over time and does not develop a blue or green patina. Exceptional cases are coastal and humid regions.

Nordic Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc with a distinctive golden yellow color. When exposed to the atmosphere, the surface begins to darken within weeks and can change to a dark brown in around a year.

Nordic Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin with a similar color to Nordic Standard initially. When exposed to the atmosphere, the surface gradu¬ally changes to a reddish dark brown to a black shade.

Aspect details
Glossiness Unknown
Translucence 0%
Texture Medium
Compostable No
Recyclable Yes
Biodegradable No
Lightweight No
Renewable No
Carbon footprint -
Recycled content -
Toxicity -
Technical details
Hardness Hard
Structure Closed
Acoustics Moderate
Format 2D - Sheet
Odor Unknown
Temperature Cool
Antibacterial No
Scratch resistence Moderate
Fire resistence Good
UV resistence Poor
Water resistence Poor
Abrasion resistence Moderate
Skid resistence N/A