• Address: Șoseaua Pipera 43, București 077190
  • E-mail: office.romania@basf.com
  • Telephone: 40 21 529-9000
  • Contact person: Diana Neacșu

For over 50 years, we have been working closely with various industries to deliver sustainable construction and design projects. Due to the materials and solutions developed by BASF, buildings can be more durable, more energy-efficient and less resource-intensive for maintenance. In addition, BASF has significantly shaped the history of plastics and continues to do so, plastics being present in various industries such as construction, sports and protective equipment, automotive, home appliances, etc. Plastics developed by BASF help increase energy efficiency and conserve resources in almost all industries. In addition, BASF combines the largest portfolio of wood and furniture processing industries. These include plastics, foam for seat upholstery, leather, wood preservatives, paints, pigment dosing, glues, adhesives, process auxiliaries and many more.

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