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Mission: We want to offer the opportunity to transform the vision into reality to all lovers of beauty or design, no matter they are domain specialists, or final customers. Each new project is like a white canvas, and we have the full palette of color for it. Carefully selected range of products and the showroom we present are designed to make all the design enthusiasts to feel "like a kid in a candy store." Our team of specialists choose materials both at the highest quality standards and according global trends in order to maximize the potential of each project. We do not believe in limits and compromises. We challenge each client to fly on the wings of imagination, because we are ready to transform every project on its highest execution. Vision: We appreciate diversity in visions and are honored to contribute and put in practice valuable design projects. We believe in the creative potential of our customers and fully commit ourselves when we begin a new collaboration and are always fascinated by results. Only when imagination meets quality materials, spectacular projects get real. PIATRAONLINE brand personality: We are the expert who facilitates the process from idea to its materialization so that the final draft remain faithful to the initial vision. We are not just a technical actor, but we are also a team with a passion for design and architecture. Online platform and showroom are an inspiration for any project, and PIATRAONLINE team is always eager to advise and contribute to take part to a new unconventional environment. We are the best choice for interior design projects, because we are also supporters and lovers of beautiful design. Therefore, we are always connected to international trends and projects of famous designers. PIATRAONLINE is a friendly connoisseur, always excited to collaborate with people who share our passion for design. We communicate in a simple, transparent, intelligent way and are always informed, because every project we work on becomes our most important project. We are curious to understand the client's vision and strongly believe that there is no requirement too demanding for us. We appreciate and share the care for detail. We are trendsetters with a relaxed and precise approach. Our main purpose is not to sell, but to inspire extraordinary projects. We are not so interested in the quantities the customer orders, but the quality and originality of his/her vision. For the end user, we are the friend who has knowledge of design, architecture and finishes and the friend are looked for advice whenever you want to take an important decision. For architect, we are part of his/her team and have the same goal: to find original ways to put the vision into practice. Over past 10 years of existence, professionalism, respect shown to customers and quality of our service imposed PIATRAONLINE as a prestigious and reliable brand on the national and international market over 21 countries. Our concern is always to be the best and most competitive, to permanently face and solve the needs and suggestions of our customers. Values ​​and principles: Specialized selection Experience and Expertise Passion for beauty Curiosity and attention for details